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Some new models of production chainrings will be up on the website soon.

I have been working on some new chainring designs and my range of tooling for framebuilding and general mechanical work on bicycles.

Nothing to show off just yet but I am completing tooling and jigs to allow me try and make the tools and components in a quicker, easier way.


you can have a look in on what is going on my Instagram account.




Independent of Industry trends.


Cycleunderground has been around for over 19 years.

A lot of customers are surprised to find out that it is a one man machining and fabrication shop.

My name is John Bosevski and I have been servicing, repairing bicycles and building  frames, tools and bits for bikes for about 26 years.

I now concentrate on my components and tools and slowly develop new product and tooling to increase my offerings.

I prefer to concentrate on the bespoke side of bicycles, putting my effort towards products and tools that have been forgotten or overlooked.