Always something new going on..............

Some new models of production chainrings have just been listed.


I have been working on some new chainring designs and my range of tooling for framebuilding and general mechanical work on bicycles.

These will be listed in the coming weeks and months. My goal is to produce some tools that are inexpensive and well made that allow home mechanics to get the job done right.


you can have a look in on what is going on my Instagram account.




Independent of Industry trends.


Cycleunderground has been around for over 22 years.

A lot of customers are surprised to find out that it is a one man machining and fabrication shop.

My name is John Bosevski and I have been servicing, repairing bicycles and building  frames, tools and bits for bikes for over 30 years.

I now concentrate on my components and tools and slowly develop new product and tooling to increase my offerings.

I prefer to concentrate on the bespoke side of bicycles, putting my effort towards products and tools that have been forgotten or overlooked.

 My workshop can be found in Taren Point,  Sydney,  Australia.