Street Tracker.

A simple, solid and perfectly round chainring with no high spots.....that's pretty much all this is.

The plain design with no excess machine work allows the price to come down without affecting the quality of the ring.

For a little added detail I engrave and machine the face of the teeth after anodising .



I have this available in 144 BCD and 130 BCD in 1/8 thick tooth.....This Production ring is available in anodised black only.

This model is designed for mounting on the outside of your crank arms. The tooth profile is flush with the rear of the ring for the best chainline.


 I have a new reduced price on these rings as I am producing them  in much larger productions runs.


Size range for this model 

                                 130 BCD..... 42T  to  48T.

                                  144 BCD.... 43T  to  48T.




Anodised Black finish

$ price       includes freight anywhere in Australia

was $59.00


I do ship chainrings worldwide.


To order, I simply need the number of teeth and the BCD of the chainring and of course your name and an address to send it to.



Please contact me to order your ring or for a quote for delivery  outside of Australia.


cnc machined bespoke track chainring design australian made chainrings fixie


Cycleunderground has been around for over 22 years.

A lot of customers are surprised to find out that it is a one man machining and fabrication shop.

My name is John Bosevski and I have been servicing, repairing bicycles and building  frames, tools and bits for bikes for over 30 years.

I now concentrate on my components and tools and slowly develop new product and tooling to increase my offerings.

I prefer to concentrate on the bespoke side of bicycles, putting my effort towards products and tools that have been forgotten or overlooked.

 My workshop can be found in Taren Point,  Sydney,  Australia.